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Tokyo Life

Tokyo Life


Roppongi, the mixed, internationally flavored urban area, includes places for business, living, entertainment, and rest. Three facilities, The National Art Center, Tokyo, The Mori Art Museum, and The Suntory Museum of Art are being branded the “Roppongi Art Triangle” in…

Jiyugaoka Area Guide

Jiyugaoka which is sometimes called Tokyo’s little Europe is one of most stylish and coziest areas in Tokyo and has been loved by people of all ages for many years. It is said that the name Jiyugaoka was named before…



“Ho-Ren-So,” the abbreviation for Hokoku (Reporting), Renraku (Communication) and Sodan (Consulting), is supposed to form the basis of business communication in Japan. It would not be too much to say that this is the first thing that everybody learns when…

O-Chugun and O-seibo


In Japan, people often send gifts to each other in the summer and at the end of the year. You may also see a number of gifts being delivered to your office during those particular periods. These gifts are called…